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Snow Performance Stage 2.5 Boost Cooler Methanol Injection Kit - UNIVERSAL (SNO-210)

Snow Performance Stage 2.5 Boost Cooler Methanol Injection Kit - UNIVERSAL (SNO-210)

$ 583.34

TunePlus, Inc Notes:
  • Recommended for customers that don't have access to E85 to run port injection or mix E30. 
  • Fiesta and Focus ST customers will see minimal gains due to your factory small turbo. Larger gains will be had with big turbo upgrades
  • Ecoboost Mustang and Focus RS customers will see near E30 power levels with methanol. 
  • Can be combined with E30 tunes as well for additional cooling for customers in hot climates. 

Methanol Injection Guidelines:

1. Nozzle needs to be mounted in the cold side chargepipe, 6” minimum from the throttle body. We will not tune a car with the injection nozzle in a throttle body spacer.
2. Nozzle needs to be at least 375ml/min in size.
3. Cannot be 50/50 mix of methanol like Boost Juice. Needs to be 100% methanol like VP M1, or 100% methanol mixed by yourself with distilled water to a 70/30 ratio. This is the best option.
4. Settings are 10psi start, and 25psi full.


[From the Manufacturer....]
Unlock 50-70 HP on your boosted vehicle while decreasing your air temps by up to 100 degrees! Increase your pump gas octane by 25 points and make more power efficiently with a cooler running motor! The Snow Performance Stage 2.5 Boost Cooler™ water methanol injection kit is available for all forced induction applications (Supercharged/Turbocharged). The Stage 2.5 uses the progressive VC-50 controller (52mm Gauge) that proportionally injects more or less water methanol according to boost pressure. Start and full points are adjustable for engagement and delivery curve to match what the engine requires. Proportionally injecting according to boost pressure gives a accurate delivery of water methanol and allows cooling and performance improvements over a wide range for improved drivability. Especially helpful for direct injected engines to remove 100% of carbon build up on the valves. Recommended for all street/strip driven forced induction vehicles using a turbo or centrifugal supercharger (Procharger/Vortech) looking for cooling over a wide range. 

The VC-50 (ISO 9001 Manufactured) controller offers the functionality of a boost gauge and water methanol controller all in one! Highlighting a bright 7 color (Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green) O-LED screen displaying boost, percentage of injection, low level, secondary stage activation, prime button, and system fault codes directly on the screen. You can tailor the controller color to match your OEM gauges or mix and match up to two colors!

This kit utilizes the only OEM approved water methanol injection pump on the market with proprietary heat flange, twin seals, and custom motor winding to run cooler and longer than the competition. The Extreme Environment™ 300 PSI UHO pump is designed to be in the elements with O-Ring connections that are then sealed and potted at our Colorado facility to ensure no moisture can enter the pump internals. Compare this to pumps that use a pump "sleeve". These sleeves will keep moisture around the pump unit leading to corrosion as well as trap heat greatly decrease pump life. The Stage 2.5 comes standard with 100% methanol resistant components using stainless steel, nickel plating, EPDM, and hard anodizing to ensure years of continued use. Tie that in with new Snow Performance ACU-SEAL™ compression fittings for guaranteed leak free operation even when using 100% methanol. Whether running a supercharger, turbo, or high compression motor the Stage 2.5 Boost Cooler™ will make the induction charge colder, denser, and increase 91 octane fuel to 116 octane race gas levels allowing full power all the time! 

  • U.S.A. Made
  • Adjustable Progressive Water Methanol Engagement & Monitoring
  • Digital Boost Reading (1-50 PSI)
  • Recommended For Street Driven Turbo and Centrifugal Supercharger Applications
  • Supports 1,000+ HP
  • 100% Methanol Resistant (Stainless Steel, Nickel Plating, Hard Anodizing, EPDM)
  • Snow Performance Hyper-Sonic Water Methanol Nozzle
  • Snow Performance ACU-SEAL™ Water Methanol Compression Fittings
  • Snow Performance OEM Approved Extreme Environment 300 PSI UHO Water Methanol Pump
  • Snow Performance Running "S" Engraved Low Profile Nozzle Holder
  • Snow Performance Running "S" Engraved Low Profile High Flow Check Valve



  • Snow Performance Boost Cooler Kit Box 
  • Extreme Environment 300 PSI UHO (Ultra High Output) Water Methanol Pump (100% Methanol Resistant) 
  • 3 QT Water Methanol Tank 
  • E-6000 Sealant (100% Methanol Resistant)
  • (1) 3/8" NPT - 1/4" Elbow ACU-SEAL™ Compression Fitting (Nickel Plated 100% Methanol Resistant) 
  • (2) 3/8" NPT - 1/4" Straight ACU-SEAL™ Compression Fitting (Nickel Plated 100% Methanol Resistant)
  • (3) 1/8" NPT - 1/4" Straight ACU-SEAL™ Compression Fitting (Nickel Plated 100% Methanol Resistant)
  • Snow Performance Hyper-Sonic Water Methanol Nozzle (Stainless Steel 100% Methanol Resistant)
  • Snow Performance Low Profile Nozzle Holder (Hard Anodized 100% Methanol Resistant) 
  • Snow Performance Low Profile High Flow Check Valve (Hard Anodized 100% Methanol Resistant)
  • 20' High Temperature Nylon Tubing (800 PSI Rating 100% Methanol Resistant) 
  • 6.5' High Pressure Boost Line
  • Boost "T" 
  • Adjustable Progressive VC-50 Water Methanol Controller (Boost Activated) 
  • Relay Harness 
  • Snow Performance Decal
  • Required Hardware Needed For Install

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