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Live Tuning Schedule

Every WEEKDAY at 9:00PM CST we are allowing 2 customers to schedule a live, 1 Hour, tuning session with us for $100.00 per spot. You must have already purchased a single or unlimited tune from our website.  

Use the calendar below to see the available slots. To secure a slot please send $100.00 via PayPal using the link below and put the date you would like to schedule in the notes as well as the best email to contact you. 

Click Here To Send PayPal.

If the tune cannot be completed within an hour we will schedule another day to finish the tune free of charge. We will consult with you the day before your scheduled tune and gather all your information. If we believe your tune could run past an hour we will discuss extending your time on the same day, or schedule your second day at that time. Again extensions and additional days are free of charge. 


  • Internet Access
  • Up-to-date Accessport (Update in AP Manager)
  • Laptop w/ Accessport Manager Installed
  • Accessport Cable (To Vehicle and To Laptop)
  • At Least a 1/2 Tank of Fuel
  • E85 Cars Only: R4 Software and USB To Serial Cable. Your port injection kit must best tested BEFORE the scheduled tuning time. (Email if you need testing instructions).
  • Safe logging area or Dyno to do 3rd gear pulls from 2500rpm-6000rpm minimum

If you have any questions, please email