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TunePlus, Inc / Jacks Transmission Upgrade Service for 2013+ Ford Focus ST/RS

TunePlus, Inc / Jacks Transmission Upgrade Service for 2013+ Ford Focus ST/RS

$ 1,850.00

Doing a transmission upgrade service is a must if you remove the factory dual mass flywheel. The stock components cannot handle the shock that the dual mass flywheel used to absorb. A single mass flywheel sends the shock directly to the transmission which can reduce the life of the transmission, mostly the syncros and shift selectors. The factory plastic bearings are the leading cause of this as the shock from launching or hard shifting can flex the factory plastic bearings and cause misalignment between syncros and engaging gears. 


The Focus RS / ST Trans Build Service Includes the following STANDARD:

  • Carbon Fiber Lined Synchronizers
  • OEM Oil Seals
  • Upgraded Steel Countershaft Bearings (Factory are plastic)
  • Tear-down / Cleaning / Inspection / Assembly Labor

This rebuild service includes several upgraded parts and assemblies. We address several weak points to make this transmission much more reliable than new transmission.

The following options can be added on top of the above standard options:

  • Wavetrac LSD upgrade. Selecting this option will include a Wavetrac LSD with new differential bearings and appropriate shims. We recommend Wavetrac over Quaife as Quaife tends to have low speed binding when daily driving (think pulling into a parking spot)
  • Micropolished Gears. This reduces the friction between gears and also gives a small "hardening" to the gears. 
  • WPC Gear Treatment. This treatment is the next step up in reducing friction within the transmission. Click here to watch WPC's product demonstration and informational videos. 
  • Micropolish + WPC Treatment. This is the ultimate solution for friction reduction in the transmission. Combines both by having the gears micropolished before the WPC process is done. 

If there are any damaged or unusable parts in the transmission you send in we will send you an email with a quote to replace the damaged parts. We have access to all factory replacement parts, which are not available at the dealer. 

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