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TunePlus, Inc Recommended Oil Change Kit for Fiesta ST

TunePlus, Inc Recommended Oil Change Kit for Fiesta ST

$ 75.00

***Backorder ETA 6-8 weeks***


This is a complete oil change kit delivered to your door using the same oil we recommend and use in our own personal and shop vehicles, stock and built. 

**This is the same oil we use in our 400whp/400wtq stock engine Fiesta ST (#trashfiesta)**

Kit is curated for the following vehicles:
- 2014-2019 Ford Fiesta ST

Includes the following:
- 4x 1L Liqui Moly MolyGen 5w-30 Oil
- 1x 300ml Liqui Moly Cera Tec Additive
- 1x Wix Oil Filter

We have been using the Cera Tec additive in the big power builds we do for the 2.0/2.3L Ecoboost Platform. The biggest benefit we have noticed is reduced wear on the cam lifter buckets, as well as a much quieter engine operation. Engines with vacuum pumps tend to make a lot of noise and with Cera Tec the vacuum pump is extremely quiet. Each engine we have serviced that has ran this combo has been extremely clean, and the amount of wear material on a filter cut-a-way has been virtually non-existent. 

The entire contents of each 1L bottle of MolyGen oil, and the entire Cera Tec bottle will be put into the engine. The factory engine oil capacity is 4.3 quarts, which is 4.0L. The additional 300mL of Cera Tec being added will not affect this measurement as it directly replaces what the oil filter can hold. 





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