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TunePlus, Inc W500 Turbo Kit for 2015+ Ford Ecoboost Mustang

TunePlus, Inc W500 Turbo Kit for 2015+ Ford Ecoboost Mustang

$ 2,999.99

When we first started the turbo kit project for this platform, we had one simple goal, OEM look & fitment.

- Cast manifold adapter, no hand welded designs, to prevent cracking from heat cycling and to insure fitment was 100% spot-on every time.

- Retains the factory air box, where Ford spent a ton of time & money for maximum efficiency. We have used the stock airbox up to 600whp, no intake out performs it. 

- Properly matched turbo sizing to insure the broadest powerband possible, for a car that performed on the street & drag strip.

- Twin scroll ball-bearing GTX3076R Gen 2 turbocharger & twin scroll manifold to insure fast spool & quick transient response between gear shifts. (Particularly important for those with manual transmissions.)

- Uses the new TurboSmart Gen 5 External 45mm Hypergate Wastegate for maximum flow and boost control. 

- External Vent-To-Atmosphere Wastegate Dump Tube, to reduce backpressure and free up HP for those wanting to retain the factory exhaust for cost savings.

Chargepipe/BOV Option: Drivers Side /Cold Side Chargepipe w/ Turbosmart RacePort BOV. If you do not select this option you will need to have an upgraded driver's side charge pipe w/ BOV. The hotside pipe that goes from turbo to the intercooler does not have a BOV. If you have STOCK chargepipes you need to select ADD on the drop down. Your other option is to weld a BOV of your choice to the hotside pipe and retain the stock driver's side chargepipe. If you cho0se to add the Chargepipe/BOV to your order it will match the wastegate color you chose.

After two years of 3D printed manifolds to perfect fitment, various testing of turbo CHRA and turbine housings to insure not only quick spool, but peak HP output….we have the product you see today.

This setup will support over 500whp on a built motor.

On the development vehicle, we made 455whp @ 26 PSI on a 100% factory internals engine on E85 Ethanol Fuel with Port Injection Kit.

This was through a 6R80 Automatic Transmission, so you can expect the MT82 6 speed manual transmission to dyno slightly (5% roughly) higher via less drivetrain loss.

Power Expectations:

  • 91oct – 340-350whp
  • 93oct – 360-380whp
  • E30 – 400-420whp
  • E85 – 420whp-570whp depending on your build/setup.

 We have no problem taking this kit to 450whp on a stock engine with port injection or HPFP/Injector upgrade with good fuel (E50 or higher).


Turbocharger Specs (Based on GTX3076R Gen 2):

Dual Ball-Bearing CHRA

58mm Inducer/ 76mm Exducer Compressor Wheel

60mm Turbine Wheel

Twin Scroll Turbine Housing

Turbo Kit Includes:

    • 58mm Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger
    • Stainless Steel Twin-Scroll Manifold Adapter
    • TurboSmart Gen V Hypergate External Wastegate w/ Dump Tube
    • 3″ or 76mm Race V-band Downpipe with Reducer to mate with the Factory Rear Exhaust (No Cutting/ Weld required)
    • Optional: Chargepipes w/ Turbosmart RacePort BOV
    • 3.5″ Air Intake Tube to mate with your factory Air Box.  (Silicone Included)
    • All required Gaskets, Fittings, Hose and Lines.

Kit components include a 3 year warranty against defects, turbocharger carries a 1 years warranty to follow industry standards. 

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