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Auxiliary Fuel / Port Injection and Nitrous Tuning Add-On

Auxiliary Fuel / Port Injection and Nitrous Tuning Add-On

$ 150.00

This is for customers running additional Aux Fuel / Port Injection, or Nitrous . Either injection via throttle body, or injection via intake manifold (port). The fact that this requires tuning of two systems, and the complexity of these systems, is why isn't included in the price of a ProTune.

Nitrous Tuning MUST be a wet kit where fuel and nitrous are injected together. Because there is supplemental fuel being sprayed into the engine that is not controlled by the factory ECU, there is an additional charge for tuning. If you have port injection and Nitrous you can run a dry kit as the additional fuel for the nitrous will be provided by the port injection kit.

Nitrous also requires you to sign a wavier in order for us to tune for it. Nitrous can be very stressful on your car especially if it is a stock engine. The chances of engine failure are greatly increased with Nitrous and the wavier needs to be signed showing you accept responsibility. 

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