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Contact/Terms - General inquiries, Shipping Quotes, and Tracking - All tuning inquiries, technical information, and sales. 

Communication via email is the best way to contact us.  We travel and remote tune a lot which doesn't allow us to be by the phones. For the best experience please email us via the address above. You will receive a reply within a few hours during normal business hours.

Please allow 1 to 3 business days for a tune revision Monday-Friday. 

We are available for on site tuning, group tuning, and track support. Please email for more information. 

All returns please email

No electronic items can be returned! All items may be subject to a restocking fee if not normal inventory. You have 15 days from the date of receiving (confirmed by tracking) to request a return. All returns are at the discretion of TUNEPLUS, INC. When purchasing please keep in mind that all items are recommended to be professionally installed. TUNEPLUS, INC is not responsible for any damaged caused to your vehicle by installing aftermarket components. If you are not familiar with how a component installs we are not required to provide installing instructions if none are available. If you aren't able to handle an install please seek a professional for installation. 

E-tunes, Dyno Tunes, or Transmission tunes ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REFUNDS ONCE STARTED! As calibrations changes are not a physical product, there is no way to return the service. Refunds on tunes that haven't been started can be done within 90 days of ordering. After 90 days there are no refunds! You can sell your service to someone else and loop us in via email. If you have an issue with your tune, or need changes please email