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TunePlus, Inc Built Blocks and Upgraded Cylinder Head Information



If you have ANY questions please email We want to make sure there is no confusion on what you are getting, or what is all required by you, the customer, when you receive your TunePlus, Inc Shortblock, Longblock, or Cylinder Head.


Our Focus RS and Ecoboost Mustang Shortblocks are built with the 2.0L Fusion "TS" block but with 2.3L internals. This is to reduce the chances of cracking on the exhaust side of the block that is common on the factory 2.3L Ecoboost block. The "TS" block is semi-closed deck for more rigidity, factory is open deck with no cylinder support at all. These blocks do not need a "Cylinder Support System" because of this. 

Sleeving is available for additional cost, which is outlined on the product page. Please email to have it added. 

Ecoboost Mustang and Focus RS will use a OEM Focus RS Headgasket. Make sure you are using the latest part number Ford offers when ordering from your dealership, do not use old stock they have on the shelf. 


TunePlus, Inc "The One" Shortblock (Up To 700whp)

Over the years we have gone through plenty of revisions on our shortblocks to always continue to push the platform forward. We have tested different piston designs and material, coatings, different blocks, different rods, and different tolerances when assembling. Always getting us to that next level of results we are looking for. 

"The One" shortblock has been created using the data collected over the years from testing and applied all into one pre-packaged shortblock for the Ecoboost community. Boasting a 600-700whp (Depending on Rods) capability, which is only limited by the factory sleeves, the components we use are capable of much more. Consider this "overbuilding" for most customers, but with the price tag you can afford to bulletproof your build to always have room for more down the road. 

For customers that want to make over 700whp, we offer a "Sauce" package that includes Sleeving, Boostline Rods, and HD version of our piston for an additional $2200. MUST email to order:

Focus RS and Ecoboost Mustang customer's shortblocks will be assembled using the Focus ST block for it's closed deck design and it's more robust casting. 

Focus ST customer's shortblocks will be assembled using the factory Focus ST block.

Our shortblocks do not require you to modify anything on your vehicle to install. Anything you have bolted onto your shortblock now will carry over to our shortblock. No modifications required to fit your stock cylinder head onto the shortblock either. NX2 turbos require 1 bolt to be removed from the compressor cover on Mustang/RS. It truly is a 1 for 1 swap for your factory shortblock.  

Compression Ratio - 10.0:1

Displacement - 2.3L

- TunePlus, Inc Heavy Duty Pistons w/ H13 Tool Steel Pins / Gold Crown Coating / Skirt Coating (Manufactured by Traum Pistons)
- Callies H-Beam Rods w/ ARP2000 or CA625+ Bolts. Or Wiseco Boostline I-beams w/ CA625+ Bolts.
- King Performance XP-Series Race Bearings, or Daido Race Bearings (depends on inventory)
- Balance Shaft Delete
- New OEM Keyed Crank and Gear
- New OEM Block 
- Full machining and assembly
- No Core Needed




TunePlus, Inc "The One" CNC Ported Cylinder Head
This cylinder head was designed to pair with our "The One" Block. It is the only cylinder head on the market to incorporate and O-ringed deck. O-ringing is a process where a profile cut is made into the deck surface to house copper or steel O-ring material. The O-ring sits slightly above the deck surface and crushes the gasket around the cylinder. This reduces the chances of a head gasket failure by increasing the sealing pressure area around the cylinder SIGNIFICANTLY. It also features our new camshaft profile for better drivability and idle quality, without the sacrifice of power. Our camshaft specs will not be shared publicly at this time. There is a slight increase in idle vibration from the camshafts, equal to installing a set of upgraded engine mounts.

Intake side porting has provided an average 32% increase in flow across all cylinders, while still retaining the factory "DI wall" for optimal fuel distribution in the cylinder. Exhaust side porting has an average 26% increase on the on the outer cylinders, and 6% increase on the inner cylinders to get flow on the exhaust side as balanced as possible for equal cylinder power production. Because of the cylinder head design the center ports flow significantly more in stock form, so the outer ports have more aggressive port work done on them to try and "catch up" to the center ports. 

RS / Mustang Stock Airflow Numbers:
Intake: 157cfm @ 28"
Exhaust Outer: 127cfm @ 28"
Exhaust Inner: 147cfm @ 28"

TunePlus, Inc Airflow Numbers:
Intake: 207cfm @ 28"
Exhaust Outer: 155cfm @ 28"
Exhaust Inner: 155cfm @ 28"

- TunePlus, Inc Valvetrain Upgrade 
- TunePlus, Inc / Piper UK Camshafts
- TunePlus, Inc CNC Porting Service w/ Performance Minded Valve Job
- TunePlus, Inc O-ringing Service w/ Copper Wire
- New OEM Valveseals
- New OEM Cylinder Head
- New OEM Cam Buckets shimmed to spec
- Machining and Assembly
- No Core Required


What do you get?

You get a completely assembled shortblock or cylinder head. You will be required to move over your factory components like Timing Cover, Oil Pan, Valve Cover, Sensors, and other Hardware. All your factory components will bolt on, nothing is changed on our engines to affect fitment of any of these components, any turbo kit, and any intake manifold. It is recommended that you replace your oil pump, oil pump pickup, and timing components with NEW OEM parts during assembly. We can supply any new OEM parts you need, please just email

Assembly: If you have any questions about the assembly of a shortblock into a complete engine please email Below is a PDF document of the Ford Factory Assembly process which can be followed 95%, the only difference will be if you are using ARP head studs then you will use the ARP instructions for torqing the head. 

Ford Factory Assembly Manual (Start at step 32) - Click Here

  • It is recommended to cover the rear aluminum oil galley plug with High Temp Epoxy and let it cure for 48 hours before installing and running in a vehicle. This will guarantee no oil will leak from this plug.  
  • Before installing the head gasket and head studs clean the deck surface of both your block and head with acetone or brake cleaner to remove any assembly oil and debris
  • Ford OEM Rear main should be installed with extra care, or they can leak fairly easy. Make sure the crankshaft is 100% clear of debris and oil, install new rear main seal with the provided tool in the rear main seal package from Ford. Torque bolts.
  • When installing the oil pan make sure you have a lot of Ford TA-29 Sealant on the oil pan and the rear main seal mating surfaces. The surface area on the corners is very small and can be a source of leaks.

Break In: 

Please click the following link for our full write-up on the break in process. 



Freight is not included with the price of our shortblocks, longblocks, or heads, shipping will be determined once the order is complete and ready to ship to your destination. International shipping is available!



90 Day warranty on any component that is damaged as a result of anything machined or assembled by TunePlus, Inc. We do not cover any component that was assembled by the customer or customer's installation shop. Any component  that is not a TunePlus, Inc Product is covered by the manufacturer warranty. We will facilitate any manufacturer warranty claim for the customer to insure they get a fair decision from the manufacturer. 

TunePlus, Inc does not offer any labor reimbursement.