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TunePlus, Inc "The One" Built Shortblock (Mustang, Focus ST, Focus RS)

TunePlus, Inc "The One" Built Shortblock (Mustang, Focus ST, Focus RS)

$ 4,299.99


If you have any questions please email


Sorry, we will not accept a used core for a discount. We will only build with NEW OEM block cores and cranks. 

Engines are machined with ARP 625+ Headstuds. This means you must assemble your engine with ARP 625+ Headstuds Available Here. 

Shipping will be quoted at the time of completion. We ship internationally!


TunePlus, Inc "The One" Shortblock (700whp)
Over the years we have gone through plenty of revisions on our shortblocks to always continue to push the platform forward. We have tested different piston designs and material, coatings, different blocks, different rods, and different tolerances when assembling. Always getting us to that next level of results we are looking for. 

"The One" shortblock has been created using the data collected over the years from testing and applied all into one pre-packaged shortblock for the Ecoboost community. Boasting a 700whp capability, which is only limited by the factory sleeves, the components we use are capable of much more. Consider this "overbuilding" for most customers, but with the price tag you can afford to bulletproof your build to always have room for more down the road. 

Focus RS and Ecoboost Mustang customer's shortblocks will be assembled using the Ford Fusion (TS) block for it's semi-closed deck design and it's more robust casting. 

Focus ST customer's shortblocks will be assembled using the factory Focus ST block.

Our shortblocks do not require you to modify anything on your vehicle to use. Anything you have bolted onto your shortblock now will carry over to our shortblock. No modifications required to fit your stock cylinder head onto the shortblock either. Neither require any clearancing for any turbo upgrades on the market either. It truly is a 1 for 1 swap for your factory shortblock.  

Compression Ratio - 10.0:1

Displacement - 2.3L

- TunePlus, Inc Heavy Duty Pistons w/ H13 Tool Steel Pins / Gold Crown Coating / Skirt Coating (Manufactured by Traum Pistons)
- Callies H-Beam Rods ARP2000 or ARP625+ (if you have a preference please email after ordering. We build based on inventory on hand) Wiseco Boostline I-Beams are also available for additional $170)
- King Performance XP-Series Race Bearings, ACL Race Bearings, or Daido Race Bearings (depends on inventory)
- Balance Shaft Delete
- New OEM Pinned Crank and Gear
- New OEM Block 
- Full machining and assembly
- No Core Needed

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