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TunePlus, Inc Stainless Steel Catback for 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST

TunePlus, Inc Stainless Steel Catback for 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST

$ 732.36


  • 100% USA Made w/ Warranty
  • 100% 304SS construction including flanges and hardware
  • Available with and without muffler (no resonators)
  • 2.5" from the downpipe back
  • Complete hand brushed finish
  • 17.55lbs without muffler, 21.55lbs with muffler TOTAL WEIGHT! Making this the lightest STAINLESS exhaust in for the Fiesta ST!



Designed by TunePlus, Inc along with our USA based manufacturer. We use the highest quality 304SS available along with a Vibrant ultra light muffler. The goal of this system is to give our customers a more affordable option to our titanium exhaust that retains the same rally-inspired look.

Full 2.50" construction from the factory downpipe connection. If you opt for a muffler there will be a 2.50" in/out muffler located at the rear just behind the rear bumper on the car. Outlet at rear is a 3.00" pie-cut turn down to reduce noise output, in cabin drone, and to keep carbon from building up on the back of your vehicle. 


As mentioned this exhaust is 17.55lbs without muffler and 21.55lbs with muffler.This brings the total weight savings from stock at 66.41% or 17.45lbs for the no-muffler configuration and 47.56% or 13.45lbs for the catback with a muffler. 


This exhaust was made for customers that are looking for a lightweight exhaust or just wanting the same look and design as our Titanium Catback. The pricing is set in line with other companies such as Cobb, CP-E, and Injen. However our catback is made 100% hand made in the USA.

Cobb Exhaust Hangers

We have added the drop down option to include Cobb Exhaust hangers with your order. If you already have them on your vehicle please select "NO" on the drop down. However if you do not, we highly recommend you add them because the factory exhaust hangers are VERY soft and can mover around a lot making it possible to cause interference with the bumper or cross-members. 


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