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TUNE+ Bluetooth Ethanol Content Analyzer (ECA) Kit for 2013+ Ford Focus RS/ST

TUNE+ Bluetooth Ethanol Content Analyzer (ECA) Kit for 2013+ Ford Focus RS/ST

$ 409.99


This is something we have been wanting to release for awhile, a simple, easy, plug and play solution to measure the ethanol content in your fuel. This kit is designed for our customers running an E30 mix tune, to ensure they are mixing right at the pump. 


  • TUNE+ 3D Printed Ethanol Content Sensor Bracket
  • Genuine GM Ethanol Content Sensor
  • Bluetooth Ethanol Content Analyzer
  • Pre-assembled Ethanol Safe Lines


Installation will require you to hook up a ground and 12v source. In the past we have just ran the wires to the battery terminals. This system hardly draws any power so the chances of running the battery down is very unlikely. Other solution would be to run the 12V to the fuse box in the engine bay to a key-on source, and the ground can go to any ground point on the chassis or directly to the battery. 

Tools Required:

  • Ratchet 
  • 7mm Socket
  • 8mm Socket
  • 10mm Socket
  • 5/16 Fuel Line Quick-Disconnect Tool
  • Wire Snips / Stripper / Electrical Tape  (For wiring the analyzer, solder optional)


Quick Install Preview:

  • Remove Airbox, and first section of intake tube (Tube has RS Logo)
  • Remove Battery, and battery box
  • Disconnect Fuel line from high pressure fuel pump (Push towards pump, pull back black clip)
  • Disconnect other end of fuel line from metal hardline just under high pressure fuel pump
  • Mount ethanol content sensor bracket to battery box by drilling two 7/32 holes, we use a 7/64 pilot drill bit through the bracket mounting holes to mark the location for bigger holes (7/32)
  • Insert included M5 Screws through holes drilled in battery box from INSIDE, two included plastic washers go between bracket and battery box for flush mounting. 
  • Mount bracket to battery box. 
  • Mount ethanol sensor to bracket
  • Re-install Battery Box and battery
  • Run included Ethanol Safe fuel line from high pressure fuel pump to the REAR OUTLET of ethanol content sensor (Green clip fitting goes to the pump)
  • Run included Ethanol Safe fuel line from factory hardline to FRONT INLET of ethanol content sensor
  • Connect Fuel-It bluetooth module to ethanol content sensor and run 12v power (Red) and ground (Black), Yellow (Not Used)
  • Re-install Intake





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