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TUNE+ Transmission Tuning

TUNE+ Transmission Tuning

$ 150.00

2015-2017 Automatic Ecoboost Mustang only! 2018+ will be supported in the near future!

This is an add-on for customers purchasing an E-tune, running a Cobb OTS MAP, or it can be added to your current tune file as long as the tune is open from your previous tuner. Transmission tuning has been proven to be good for 4 tenths (.4) at the track on an Ecoboost Mustang, possibly more depending on vehicle configuration. Here are the benefits of transmission tuning:


  • Faster/Firmer shifts, no more extreme amount of lag 
  • Optimized Shift points in Sport
  • Optimized Shift points in Drive (Better daily driving)
  • Drive can be left alone besides shift points so it shifts like factory
  • Faster torque converter lockup
  • Less shock on drivetrain on launch to assist in traction

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