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Thank you for your purchase, before we can create a tune file for your vehicle we require a few pieces of information. Please fill out the forms below to submit your tune request.

Before submitting, please read our Tuning Agreement and Guidelines.

The installed vehicle and serial sticker number can be found by clicking the “?” Icon at the top of your home screen on your Accessport. From there you will click “About Accessport” and it will display the installed vehicle and sticker number.

Please make sure you type out the entire line for the "Installed Vehicle" as it is shown on the Accessport. If you leave out any of the installed vehicle information we cannot create a tune file.

Double check your serial number before submitting, it must start with "FOR". If we save a tune with the incorrect number because of a typo, it will not allow you to flash the tune to the vehicle.

Our tuning service should not be purchased for diagnostic purposes. The vehicle should be in known good working condition before the tuning process begins. If the datalogs show possible hardware/engine issues with the vehicle it will be brought to the customers attention. We will NOT diagnose your vehicle through email. Due to previous customers abusing our knowledge as a free service, and our commitment to provide the fastest turn around time on tunes - we cannot spend time diagnosing hardware issues as sometimes it can be impossible without having a vehicle in front of us. This does not apply to products purchased from TunePlus, Inc. We back up and provide technical support for every product we sell on our website if it is suspected to be the root of the problem.
By supplying this information you are agreeing to the following terms. 1.) You are changing the calibration of your vehicle and TUNEPLUS, INC is not responsible for any dealer denied warranty claims, engine damage due to proven end user negligence, or any other damage to your vehicle. 2.) You are not to share any datalogs or other data with other ProTuners or on a public forum. 3.) Any questions or concerns with your calibration are to be discussed with TUNEPLUS, INC before taking to a public forum. We would like to avoid confusion by involving potentially uneducated individuals that provide incorrect information. 4.) TUNEPLUS, INC has the right to refuse service at any time for any reason. 
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