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Burble Tune Add-On - All Cobb Supported Ecoboost Vehicles

Burble Tune Add-On - All Cobb Supported Ecoboost Vehicles

$ 100.00


This is an Add-On, it is not a feature included for free with any tuning service purchased. Tuning customers still have to purchase this add-on if they would like it added to their custom tune.

Due to our tuning workload, once you place your order and submit your tune update request (see below), you will receive your updated tune within a 10-20 Business days. As it is not a critical step in tuning, it comes second to our ProTune E-tuning service. We do them all in a batch when we are caught up.

Once you place your order, please use the "Tune Update Request" form by clicking "Tuning" in the navigation bar above (mobile will be the 3 bar icon in top left) and click the "TUNE" tab to submit a request to have it added to your FINISHED tune. If you are not a TunePlus, Inc E-tune customer you will need to purchase a ProTune E-tune on the same link above. 

The Burble Tune Add-On is our take on the increasingly popular "burble tune" or also known as a crackle or pop tune. Most of the tunes that do this out there are over exaggerated on the POPS and less on the BURBLE, or we like to describe as a low grumble on decel. 

Our tune focuses on the burble and grumble aspect and less of the pop to avoid sounding like popcorn on decel.  We personally think that this constant repetitive popcorn sound is super annoying, versus a nice grumble is more desired. If you are looking to be a ricer and want constant popping and sounding like a popcorn machine - DO NOT PURCHASE THIS TUNE AS THAT ISN'T WHAT THIS IS!

  • This tune can be applied to Cobb OTS tunes or TunePlus, Inc ProTunes.
  • This cannot be applied to any other E-tune from another tuner.
  • It will be added to your last finalized tune(s) with us. If you are still in the process of tuning do not submit your request.
  • If you have multiple tunes from us for different fuels it will be applied to ALL. No limitation.
  • This tune applies to all slots, it cannot be turned on an off with map switching (Excludes Explorer ST). You will have a duplicate tune to switch to if you want them off. 

How it works:

The Burble tune is setup to be active during free revs and decels, and only will activate when you are in the set RPM range, which is 3000-4300rpm. This is to avoid constant initiation when just normal driving on the highway like other tunes. This RPM allows you to cruise and drive without any drivability issues and allows you to be "stealth" when you like. 

Simply select a gear and drive beyond the rpm range (4300rpm) and let off the throttle while still in gear and allow the sweet songs of our people to play. You will also be able to activate it on free revs in neutral during the same RPM range.

*Auto customers - You will be able to use the paddles to downshift into this RPM range to activate. It is also active in Park when free revving. 

The results will vary based on your exhaust setup. You must have a catback exhaust at minimum to hear them. Again, the results are going to be based on how loud your exhaust is now. We cannot increase the volume of your exhaust through tuning. 

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