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Cobb Accessport for 2016+ Ford Focus RS (AP3-FOR-004)

Cobb Accessport for 2016+ Ford Focus RS (AP3-FOR-004)

$ 725.00

TunePlus, Inc has been the leading developer for the Ecoboost 2.3L platform since the engine entered the public market. We have strong roots with FORD and it gives us access to insider information to allow us to make our calibrations powerful, while keeping safety top of mind. Unlike other tuning companies in the market, we chose to use a device that allows you to log and monitor 200+ parameters. With those tools at our disposal we are able to ensure after flashing our tune that your car is running optimally. 

In the pictures you will see the results for each fuel tested. On 93oct we were able to achieve +45/+55wtq and on E30 (requires custom tuning purchase) we were up over 70whp and 60wtq! These are gains that you can feel on the street almost instantly! And not only do our tunes provide a significant increase in power, we also focus on making sure the vehicle's drivability is not effected. After many hours on the dyno dialing in the power and initial tip in of the tune, we spent the other half driving on the street making sure all scenarios were covered and it was equal or better to the factory tune for everyday driving. Our development customer tested the drivability on a 8 hour drive home, and said it drove beautifully!

**91oct was not ran on the dyno but was dialed in on the street a few days later. 91oct baseline was 287whp/315wtq, with our tune (based on logs of 91) expect around 320whp/365wtq.

We have also tested the Focus RS before and after with our custom calibration at the track. We were able to go from a 13.6@100mph to 12.57@111mph. That is over a FULL SECOND shaved off the 1/4 mile time on a BONE STOCK Focus RS with a tune. With our custom E-tune and a few modifications we have ran 11.71@119mph on E30. Still the fastest MK3 RS to date (as of 3/2/20)

Again, when purchasing you will receive a Cobb Accessport (AP3-FOR-004) Preloaded with Cobb OTS tunes, if you are looking for our custom tune click the "tuning" link in the navigation menu at the top of the page. 

If you have any questions that you would like answered before making your purchase, please feel free to email us at we want to make sure your expectations can be met before you purchase!

Enjoy our video!


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