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cp-e™ Intake Ram Air Box for Ford Fiesta ST (2014-2015 ONLY)

cp-e™ Intake Ram Air Box for Ford Fiesta ST (2014-2015 ONLY)

$ 484.80

[From the manufacturer...]

***ONLY FITS 2014-2015 VEHICLES***

The Fiesta ST is a well-rounded car in just about every aspect, and the intake system is too. The stock intake system is designed well, and the community sees that. Still cp-e™ felt that they could take the good & the bad from the stock system, and make it even better. After a long engineering process, cp-e™ is proud to release the Ford Fiesta ST xCel[]™ Ram Air Box Intake for the Fiesta ST.


Fiesta ST Intake

Laser Cut Airbox

  • CNC formed AirBox
  • Airbox made from Stainless Steel(Great Thermal Insulator)
  • Full 3” Mandrel Bent Aluminum Tube
  • Billet aluminum CNC machined Bellmouth
  • Clear plexi-glass window (ships with orange peel-off protective coating)
  • Widemouth Air Filter in DflowTM or SynOil™
  • Laser cut Brackets and Bungs in OEM locations
  • Available in Satin Black or Race Red
  • Ram Air snorkel for additional airflow.
  • Abrasion resistant & laser cut Plexiglass for easy filter maintenance/viewing
  • CNC lathed feet on box for mounting
  • Laser cut and CNC bent bracket provided to relocate the hood prop mounting
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Lifetime Warranty

ATTENTION NON-USDM Customers: if your car uses the mass air sensor you will need a tune that accounts for the added air volume. USDM cars have a mass air sensor in them however they only use it for intake air temperature measurements so there is no tune required for USDM cars.

Available powder coated in Satin Black, Ford Race Red the αIntake[]™ Ram Air Box Fiesta ST Intake offers the most well thought out solution to getting air to your turbo yet. The αIntake[] Intake comes with a full 3.00” mandrel bent tube. Welded onto the tube are a CNC-lathed port for the PCV system and a CNC laser cut and former bracket. In addition there is also a mass air sensor adaptor welded to the tube that allows you to bolt the stock mass air sensor in place. This adaptor is CNC milled from billet aluminum and contoured to fit the tube perfectly.

The intake tube then attaches to the air box through a 5-ply silicone elbow and a CNC-Milled aluminum bellmouth. This velocity stack bellmouth smoothly compresses the air from 4.00” to

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3.00” providing a minimal amount of energy loss which translates to a higher air speed through the tube. The included 4.00” air filter is specially designed by cp-eTM to give the most free flowing air flow possible, with your choice between DflowTM or SynOilTM.

Part of what makes the stock intake system well-rounded is the great design of the stock box. It brings in cool air efficiently, and isolates the filter from the hot air in the engine bay. Where the stock box lacks is where the cp-eTM αIntake[]™ shines above all. The αIntake[]™ box is laser cut and CNC-bent 18 gauge stainless steel. Stainless steel is great for this application for not only its resistance to corrosion, but also its thermal properties allow the interior of the box to stay cool, even when the box itself heats up. The box utilizes the stock fresh air duct, and also sucks up cool fresh air from the bottom mounted snorkel tube. The box is topped off by clear plexi glass to seal the filter from the heat, providing a sweet view and easy access to the filter. Not only is it laser cut for perfct fitment, but also abrasion resistant. Lastly, the box easily mounts in the stock location with the laser cut brackets and CNC-lathed mounting feet.

***Not California emissions compliant | No implied CARB certification | Off-road use only***

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