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ETS Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit for 2016+ Focus RS

ETS Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit for 2016+ Focus RS

$ 495.00

Almost every Ecoboost vehicle made has been plagued with boost leaks with the factory intercooler charge piping. They use cheap worm drive clamps that strip out if you look at them funny. So, whats the solution? Charge pipes and clamps that don't suck, from ETS. 

The same company that we launched the intercooler for is now giving us the reigns on the charge pipes to go with it. This is a direct bolt on for the ETS intercooler or the factory intercooler, so you do not have to purchase one to have the other. From testing we immediately saw an increase in boost without even changing the tune, and overall everything performed better. This was last part installed before we went from a 12.2 to a 11.9 with's Focus RS.

Don't be a leaker, be a tweaker.....*

ETS Intercooler Pipe Kit Comes with:

  • - 2.5" hotside and cold side charge pipes
  • - ETS High Quality Silicone Couplers
  • - ETS Stainless T-bolt Clamps
  • - Powdercoated Black finish

*TUNE+ does not promote smoking meth. We actually meant enjoy modding (tweaking) your car....

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