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ETS Intake Kit for 2016+ Ford Focus RS

ETS Intake Kit for 2016+ Ford Focus RS

$ 395.00

If you are familiar with our work with the Ecoboost Mustang you know that we suggest using the stock airbox even up to 500whp! This is the same case for the Focus RS, except the Focus RS stock airbox is an even better design and can be used up to 600whp! The only drawback is the factory inlet tube from airbox to the turbo itself, that is where ETS comes in to save the day. 

This kit replaces 100% of the factory inlet tube and converts the filter from 2.5" to 3.0" for even better flow. This is the ONLY intake modification you should be making on your Focus RS!


  • 3" Powdercoated Wrinkle Black Inlet Tube
  • 3" Filter Adapter 
  • 3" Filter
  • Couplers/Clamps



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