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Garrett Direct Fit Intercooler Upgrade for 2017+ Ford F-150 Raptor

Garrett Direct Fit Intercooler Upgrade for 2017+ Ford F-150 Raptor

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The Garrett direct fit F-150 charge air cooler boasts an 83% larger core than stock to provide an estimated 25 degree Fahrenheit reduction in air temperature and a 30% reduction in pressure drop. Optimized end tanks improve air flow through the core by improving turbulent design features found in the stock unit. This direct fit performance intercooler is easily installed and can support up to 750 horsepower all while reusing the stock bolts, hoses, and clamps.



  • Cast aluminum end tanks
  • Advanced offset fin design
  • TIG welded for improved strength
  • Vacuum brazed bar-and-plate design
  • 83% larger aluminum intercooler core
  • Up to 30 degree reduction in charge air temp


Drain Plug Feature

The Garrett direct fit performance charge air cooler comes with a fully machined drain plug to relieve condensation buildup commonly found in the F150 platform. The bolt can be removed with a 3/8 open ended wrench. Installers can test for condensation by turning the engine on, transmission in park, remove the bolt and place a catch can under the opening. Observe for any fluids. If fluid is present, gently rev the engine several times to dispel. Be sure to dispose of fluid with your local waste management facility.


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