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ITG Maxogen intake system Ford Fiesta ST 2014-2019

ITG Maxogen intake system Ford Fiesta ST 2014-2019

$ 319.99

This is the intake we run on our 400whp Fiesta ST - #trashfiesta on FB/IG/YT


Although just about good enough for a standard engine, the Fiesta ST's standard airbox can be found lacking when the power levels have been pushed up by a re-map and other modifications.

To get the most from your Fiesta, ITG have developed a new intake. The filter is mounted down behind the bumper, well away from any power robbing heat under the bonnet.  Aside from the increase in power, there are improvements with throttle response and a pleasing, yet unobtrusive increase in intake noise.

Testing has shown gains of 15hp using the ITG kit over the standard airbox.

The ITG Maxogen PRO intake system is the best product on the market for the Ford Fiesta ST. This intake system enables the best airflow and has been dyno proven and offers performance gains and increased induction sound.

Spec List

  • Perfect location for cold high pressure air
  • Heat soak is reduced
  • Short direct path for air flow
  • High quality world leading multi layer foam design
  • Filter size increase by over 50%
  • Perfectly sized CNC MAF housing means short term fuel trims are not affected
  • Increased turbo intake noise and diverter valve discharge
  • PERON proven to over + 300HP - we use this kit on our own whoosh hybrid turbo equipped 314whp/353 wtq but is suitable for all stock turbo, hybrid and big turbo turbo systems at power levels in excess of 370hp

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