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TunePlus, Inc "The One" Built Longblock w/ CNC Ported Head (Mustang, Focus ST, Focus RS)

TunePlus, Inc "The One" Built Longblock w/ CNC Ported Head (Mustang, Focus ST, Focus RS)

$ 9,800.00

Our engines come completely assembled from oil pan up with all new OEM parts, 625+ Headstuds, and our built components. Other companies that sell longblocks just strap the head to the block and that is it, or some will include the timing components but no covers, no rear main seal, no new hardware, no oil pickup or pan, etc. We make it so it is a 1 for 1 swap with your stock engine, so you don’t need to tear down anything and just move over your accessories. 

We can do less parts if the customer wants (will need to email to discuss), however it isn't recommended to go that route as these are very finicky engines. If you don’t seal them up well, know all the tricks, you’ll be dealing with leaks or potential other issues regularly.

Sleeving is also available for an additional cost of $1500. If you want to safely make over 700whp sleeving is REQUIRED as well as one of the rod options with 625+ Bolts. Email if you are wanting a sleeved version of our block. 


Base price is $9,860 (w/ Callies H-beam ARP2000 Bolts). Due to the higher price of the product, If paying with credit card there is a 1.5% fee ($10,008). If paying with cash, check, or wire transfer there is a 1% discount applied ($9,760.00). Please email if paying with cash, check, or wire transfer. 


TunePlus, Inc Longblock Includes:

TunePlus, Inc Built Shortblock

- TunePlus, Inc Heavy Duty Pistons w/ H13 Tool Steel Pins / Gold Crown Coating / Skirt Coating (Manufactured by Traum Pistons)

- Callies H-Beam Rods w/ ARP2000 or CA625+ Bolts, or Wiseco Boostline I-beams w/ ARP2000 Bolts

- King Performance XP-Series, ACL Race, or Daido-19 Race Bearings (Depends on current inventory)

- Balance Shaft Delete

- New OEM Keyed Crank and Gear

- New OEM Block

- Full machining and assembly

- No Core Required 

TunePlus, Inc CNC Ported Cylinder Head:

- TunePlus, Inc Valvetrain Upgrade

- TunePlus, Inc Spec Piper UK Camshafts

- TunePlus, Inc CNC Porting Service w/ Performance Valve Job

- TunePlus, Inc O-ringing Service w/ Copper Wire

- New OEM Valveseals

- New OEM Cylinder Head

- New OEM Cam Buckets 

- Machining and Assembly

- No Core Required


Assembled with all new OEM parts and 625+ Headstuds. See below for a full breakdown of what OEM parts are included with the assembly. (Please note you will reuse your stock valve cover and VCT solenoids. If you had an engine failure previously, we recommend replacing both. Can add at additional cost.)  

For more information on our blocks and heads please visit the following link:

*We can substitute our built cylinder head with a new OEM Cylinder head with all new components for a lower cost option for our customers. We will not use a cylinder head that has came off a car in our longblock assemblies as we require everything to be NEW for quality control*. 



Shipping will be quoted once engine is ready to ship. This item does not include free shipping as it has to go freight on a pallet. International shipping is available to a freight forwarder only!

OEM Parts Included: 

  • Oil Pan
  • Oil Pickup Tube
  • Oil Pickup Tube O-Ring
  • Oil Pickup Tube Bolts (2)
  • Oil Pump
  • Oil Pump Bolts (4)
  • Oil Pump Sprocket
  • Oil Pump Sprocket Bolt
  • Oil Pump Chain
  • Oil Pump Guide
  • Oil Pump Guide Bolt
  • Oil Pump Guide Bolt Spring
  • Oil Squirters (4)
  • Oil Squirter Bolts (4)
  • Timing Chain
  • Timing Chain Tensioner
  • Timing Chain Guide A
  • Timing Chain Guide B
  • Timing Chain Tensioner Bolts (2)
  • Timing Chain Guide B Bolts (2)
  • VCT Intake Gear
  • VCT Exhaust Gear
  • VCT Bolts (2)
  • Rear Main Seal
  • Rear Main Seal Bolts (6)
  • Oil Pan Bolts A (8)
  • Oil Pan Bolts B Big (2)
  • Oil Pan Studs - RS (3)
  • Timing Cover Bolts A (15)
  • Timing Cover Bolt B (Nipple)
  • Timing Cover Studs (3)
  • Timing Cover Bolts C (Big)
  • Timing Cover
  • Timing Cover Idler Pulley
  • Coolant Plug
  • Transmission Dowels (2)
  • Starter Dowels (2)
  • Alternator Dowel
  • Headgasket Dowels (2)
  • Coolant Outlet Elbow
  • Crank Pulley
  • Modified OEM Headgasket

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