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Mishimoto Cold Side Intercooler Pipe for 2013+ Ford Focus ST

Mishimoto Cold Side Intercooler Pipe for 2013+ Ford Focus ST

$ 237.95

Increase the flow of charged air from the intercooler in your 2013–2018 Ford Focus ST with the Mishimoto performance cold-side intercooler pipe. The piping included from the factory is constructed from rubber, which not only degrades over time, but also tends to move around in the engine bay as you put your Focus ST through the paces.

We here at Mishimoto ditched the degradation-prone rubber for 5 layers of durable silicone reinforced with steel wire to make sure it stays put in the engine bay and holds its shape against the serious boost pressures running through it. Speaking of shape, the Mishimoto performance intercooler pipe is designed with a unique elliptical shape to accommodate for an upgrade to the Mishimoto performance radiator.

Our silicone piping also features a 2.5-inch inner diameter, increasing volume 10% over the stock piping and resulting in a 40% increase in flow. The Mishimoto performance cold-side intercooler pipe includes two high-torque worm gear clamps to ensure a secure connection, and is covered under the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.
  • Direct fit for the 2013–2018 Ford Focus ST
  • One-piece design for uninterrupted airflow, easy installation, and minimizing boost leaks
  • 40% greater flow than stock cold-side pipe
  • 10% increase in volume over stock cold-side pipe
  • Elliptical shape to accommodate for larger Mishimoto radiator
  • Rigid silicone construction prevents pipe movement under heavy loa
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

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