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NGK LTR7IX-11 (6510) 1-step colder Spark Plugs (QTY: 4, 6,or 8) - Pre-gapped to TUNE+ Spec

NGK LTR7IX-11 (6510) 1-step colder Spark Plugs (QTY: 4, 6,or 8) - Pre-gapped to TUNE+ Spec

$ 40.99

This listing is for a SET (4)of NGK LTR7IX-11 (6510) Spark plugs for all Ecoboost vehicles. These are pre-gapped and ready to install to our recommended spec for your vehicle based on fuel. We have tested multiple different sets of spark plugs and only offer the plugs that work best for the Ecoboost/Coyote application. 


  • Price is for a complete set (4) for your vehicle!
  • Plugs are pre-gapped, do not attempt to change the gap!
  • 13ft/lbs MAX TORQUE only, do not over torque any spark plugs!
  • No Anti-seize or Dielectric Grease
  • When selecting your fuel, the difference will be the gap. If you intend on running 91-92-93-94 AND E85 then you will purchase the 91-92-93-94-E30 Plugs!


Out of the box the NGK 6510 Plugs come gapped at .040-.044". This is too large of a gap for any Ecoboost or Coyote engine and will cause breaking up under full throttle, rough idle, and misfire codes. NGK recommends not gapping the plugs .008" in either direction when using the traditional gap method. However we do not use the traditional gap method. We have a proprietary process that allows us to gap the plug without any added fatigue to the strap, without damaging the Iridium welded tip, and the plug retains this gap even after being heat cycled. This process happens over the course of 48 hours and all plugs are triple checked before shipping. 

Skip the headache of gapping your own plugs without the proper tools, and avoid the risk of having to toss your plugs in the bin and wasting $30+. Get plugs that arrive at your door ready to be installed, no messing around. 


One of our post from Mustang6g:

"[regarding customer with misfire issue] The damage is actually from gapping, most customers knock the iridium welded tip off because it is extremely brittle and soft. If you knock it off you have a dead plug. If you bend it, you have a dead plug. If you make the gap too tight and you have to open it back up you mar the ground electrode with pliers. Which won't cause a dead plug but will cause inconsistent spark as it will be igniting off the side of the ground electrode. When you [the customer] opened it back up to re-gap you marred the metal and removed some of the plating. The channel on the bottom side of the ground electrode is raw - no plating, so when you create more raw spots on the ground electrode you are making it hard for the plug to generate a straight spark between the gap. If the plug starts igniting anywhere BUT the channel in the ground electrode you get weak spark and can cause spark blowout. 

People don't understand the importance of having a properly gapped, quality plug in these cars. Not to long ago I was doing live remote dyno tuning for a shop in Ohio. The power numbers were off, but the car was running smooth and pulling fine. I asked what plugs were in it and he said stock. He grabbed a set of plugs from us and installed. The car went from 294whp to 323whp without even changing the tune. Boost was actually lower, and timing/fuel was the same.

So, you can absolutely gap your own plugs and I tell people that all the time. However if you don't want to risk it you can pay us for our time, and get a plug that is guaranteed to perform as it should. We ship 100+ plugs a week. Clearly there are people that want to make a small investment to better the health of their vehicle and not have to worry about having to possibly buy twice."



- Consistent Ignition Corrections

- 1-step colder than factory

- Greater knock prevention


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