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Precision / Turbonetics NX2 Drop-In Stock Location Turbo Upgrade for 15+ Ford Ecoboost Mustang & Ford Focus RS (11910/11918)

Precision / Turbonetics NX2 Drop-In Stock Location Turbo Upgrade for 15+ Ford Ecoboost Mustang & Ford Focus RS (11910/11918)

$ 2,299.99 $ 2,730.00

Mustang Customers - The turbo comes with adapters to fit a stock and 3.5" sized intake. If you have a UPR catch can you will need to select “Yes” to the UPR coupler option above. This will get you a straight 3.5” coupler with the UPR catch can Connection in it. This requires an Airaid intake tube or a 3.5” intake. If you need more information please email

Focus RS - If you have aftermarket "HARD" chargepipes like ETS or Cobb you will be required to purchase an offset coupler to get the pipe to mate up with the NX2 turbo. The turbo is NOT 100% in the stock location for intake and chargepipe outlet. The turbo comes with it's own intake elbow that mates up to stock, ETS, and Mountune intakes, no other intakes have been confirmed yet. Use the links below to purchase clamps and offset coupler to connect your ETS/Cobb/Hardpipes. Stock and Mountune chargepipes will fit with the included elbow with the turbo.  



Upgraded actuator for the stock turbo DOES NOT FIT THE NX2. We have a specific actuator for the NX2, as the turbo has bigger housings it requires a longer actuator rod and a different clevis to connect to the wastegate flap arm. 

Click here for the TunePlus, Inc NX2 Specific Actuator. 

From the manufacturer....

Precision/Turbonetics Turbo NX2 Drop-In turbo for 2015+ Ford Mustang Ecoboost and 2016+ Ford Focus RS. This turbo will not require any modifications to install onto a 100% factory vehicle. Please see notes above about SOME aftermarket parts. 

Power Potential of 550whp on Focus RS, and 450whp on Ecoboost Mustang. Both will require built engines/port injection to make that power, on stock engine cars we will limit the power to 400whp on Mustang, and 420whp on RS (E30 Minimum Required!

TUNE IS REQUIRED FOR INCREASED POWER OVER FACTORY. If you install this turbo without any tuning it will not make more power than factory as the stock ECU control strategy targets torque and will reduce boost via wastegate and throttle plate to keep torque in check. You MAY see a 15-20hp increase but definitely won't see the larger gains without a tune. 

      • High efficiency NX2 compressor & turbine wheels (more horsepower better response, less lag)
      • Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing (durability and response)
      • Investment Cast HK30 Stainless turbine housing (designed to withstand high temperatures)
      • Divided twin scroll turbine housing (improved throttle response)
      • Ported shroud compressor housing for enhanced compressor map width (low rpm response with increased top end performance)
      • Includes new gaskets
      • 1 year No Fault- No Hassle Warranty 



First Dynograph is Mustang w/ Stock engine, Bolt-ons, 91oct with methanol injection, Automatic.

Second Dynograph is max power Focus RS. This is Stock engine w/ camshafts an valvetrain (stock port). Our Port Injection Kit and E85 w/ full-bolt-ons. It is not recommended to run this power on stock engine. Built engine is required. 

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