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SpeedFactory Intercooler Upgrade for 2015+ Ford Ecoboost Mustang

SpeedFactory Intercooler Upgrade for 2015+ Ford Ecoboost Mustang

$ 620.00

[From manufacturer...]

An upgraded intercooler is by far the most important and beneficial modification to this car!

A single 4th gear dyno pull on a stone cold stock intercooler with our shop test car resulted in extremely high charge air
temperatures over 150*F. In real world use the stock intercooler can easily allow charge air temperatures well over 200*F. This results in increased knock, reduced ignition timing to combat knock, and low power output.

With the stock intercooler, during a 4th gear pull we logged peak charge air temps of 153*F. With our intercooler peak charge air temps dropped to an amazing 76*F peak! That's a massive -77*F cooler, 50% lower than the stock intercooler.

The SpeedFactory Ford EcoBoost Mustang Intercooler is a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock intercooler and compatible with the factory plastic and rubber charge pipes (or add our charge piping kit for a complete upgrade). The factory grill shutter system will need to be removed that is behind the factory bumper beam as shown in the picture above. We saw +32whp/+26wtq just by swapping on our intercooler vs stock intercooler (see Dyno Chart below), with even larger gains when increasing power and boost levels.


  • 3.4x greater mass than stock for greatly increased thermal capacity
  • 57% increase in internal volume
  • 2.5" inlet / 2.5" outlet bead rolled tube ends 
  • Smooth flowing CNC laser-cut H-3 5052 aluminum end tank design
  • Carefully hand-formed & TIG welded in-house

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