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TUNE+ Transmission Tuning

TUNE+ Transmission Tuning

$ 150.00

Now supporting all years, 2015-2020 Ford Ecoboost Mustang!

This is an add-on for customers purchasing an E-tune, or it can be added to your current tune file as long as the tune is open from your previous tuner. Transmission tuning has been proven to be good for 4 tenths (.4) at the track on an Ecoboost Mustang, possibly more depending on vehicle configuration. Here are the benefits of transmission tuning:


  • Faster/Firmer shifts, no more extreme amount of lag 
  • Optimized Shift points in Sport
  • Optimized Shift points in Drive (Better daily driving)
  • Drive can be left alone besides shift points so it shifts like factory
  • Faster torque converter lockup
  • Less shock on drivetrain on launch to assist in traction

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