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TUNE+ W400 Power Package for 2015+ Ford Ecoboost Mustang

TUNE+ W400 Power Package for 2015+ Ford Ecoboost Mustang

$ 3,999.99

This package has been put together for customers that are looking to max out their 2015+ Ford Ecoboost Mustang. This kit includes all the upgrades we recommend for getting the most of out your factory engine safely. 

Kit Includes the following (Normal Pricing Listed):

  • Cobb Accessport - $625.00
  • TunePlus, Inc Custom Tune Single/Unlimited $200/350 (Unlimited only available in our kits)
  • TunePlus, Inc NX2 Specific Wastegate Actuator - $180.00
  • TunePlus, Inc Pre-gapped NGK Iridium Spark Plugs - $40.99
  • CVF Race Intercooler - $559.00
  • Drop-In Filter (included with Airaid Intake below)
  • Airaid Junior Intake (Tube and filter) to Stock Airbox or GT350R Airbox - $249.99
  • Precision NX2 Drop-In Turbocharger - $2095.00
  • CVF Catted Downpipe - $374.99
  • Pair of TunePlus, Inc window stickers! $5.00

A 100% factory Ecoboost Mustang makes 240whp/280wtq on our dyno. With this package and 93oct will put down around 350whp/380wtq, a gain of 110whp/100wtq! Expect about 7% less with 91oct (CA, NV, and AZ maybe experience less as their fuel is of the lowest quality).

Where this kit really shines and earns it's W400 label is with E30 or RGA (Race Gas Additive - On our dyno with either aforementioned fuel will put down around 400whp/400wtq. That is a gain of 160whp/120wtq over stock!*

This package is THE answer to "what do I need to max out my stock engine?" It includes literally everything you need to safely get the most power out of your vehicle. If you are looking to make more than what we are listing here you will want to look into our built crate engine offerings!

Normally these parts when purchased separate (Single Tune) total to $4078.99 however when purchasing our W400 kit you will get $205.00 of savings on top of the already discounted prices - when buying all together.

* Power numbers will depend on fuel quality, climate, elevation, and dyno. Not all dyno's read the same! These numbers are quoted off our Dynojet 424x Dyno in 75* temperature with SAE correction! There are no guarantees you will make the mentioned power on your local dyno, these are to be used for reference!

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