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TunePlus, Inc Ecoboost "The One" CNC Ported Cylinder Head (Mustang, Focus ST, Focus RS)

TunePlus, Inc Ecoboost "The One" CNC Ported Cylinder Head (Mustang, Focus ST, Focus RS)

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TunePlus, Inc "The One" CNC Ported Cylinder Head
This cylinder head was designed to pair with our "The One" Block. It is the only cylinder head on the market to incorporate and O-ringed deck. O-ringing is a process where a profile cut is made into the deck surface to house copper or steel O-ring material. The O-ring sits slightly above the deck surface and crushes the gasket around the cylinder. This reduces the chances of a head gasket failure by increasing the sealing pressure area around the cylinder SIGNIFICANTLY. It also features our new camshaft profile for better drivability and idle quality, without the sacrifice of power. Our camshaft specs will not be shared publicly at this time. There is a slight increase in idle vibration from the camshafts, equal to installing a set of upgraded engine mounts.

Intake side porting has provided an average 32% increase in flow across all cylinders, while still retaining the factory "DI wall" for optimal fuel distribution in the cylinder. Exhaust side porting has an average 26% increase on the on the outer cylinders, and 6% increase on the inner cylinders to get flow on the exhaust side as balanced as possible for equal cylinder power production. Because of the cylinder head design the center ports flow significantly more in stock form, so the outer ports have more aggressive port work done on them to try and "catch up" to the center ports. 

RS / Mustang Stock Airflow Numbers:
Intake: 157cfm @ 28"
Exhaust Outer: 127cfm @ 28"
Exhaust Inner: 147cfm @ 28"

TunePlus, Inc Airflow Numbers:
Intake: 207cfm @ 28"
Exhaust Outer: 155cfm @ 28"
Exhaust Inner: 155cfm @ 28"

- TunePlus, Inc Valvetrain Upgrade 
- TunePlus, Inc / Piper UK Camshafts
- TunePlus, Inc CNC Porting Service w/ Performance Minded Valve Job
- TunePlus, Inc O-ringing Service w/ Copper Wire
- New OEM Valveseals
- New OEM Cylinder Head
- New OEM Cam Buckets shimmed to spec
- Machining and Assembly
- No Core Required

 Shipping will be quoted at the time of completion. We ship internationally!

** This cylinder head will fit factory engines/blocks as well. It is a direct swap with any Twin Scroll Cylinder head (Ecoboost Mustang, Focus RS, Ford Fusion)

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