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TunePlus, Inc Precision 5558-6870 Turbo Kit for 2016-2018 Ford Focus RS

TunePlus, Inc Precision 5558-6870 Turbo Kit for 2016-2018 Ford Focus RS

$ 4,999.99

TunePlus, Inc Precision 5558-6870 Turbo Kit for the 2016-2018 Ford Focus RS
                                                                                                     Fabricated bʏ WᴏʀFᴀʙ

The turbo kit of all turbo kits for the Focus RS platform. From stock engine to OVERBUILT setups, this turbo kit fits the bill. Our turbo kit allows for use of any Precision Turbo that uses a "T3" Sized V-band in/out housing and SP cover. Kit comes default with Ball Bearing 5558CEA Gen 2 turbo, with options to upgrade all the way up to a 6870 for 1000whp setups. 

This kit replaces all of the following parts on your vehicle:

- Turbo
- Downpipe
- Intake
- Hotside Chargepipe
- Wastegate
- Bypass Valve / Blow Off Valve
- Oil/Coolant Lines

*For clarity, no upgraded parts you have listed above will work with our turbo kit. All parts are proprietary to the turbo kit itself. For example if you have an intake on your stock turbo car it will not fit our kit, so we cannot piece-meal our kit*


Kit Includes:

- Precision Turbo Ball Bearing Turbocharger of Your Choice (5558 Through 6870)
- Precision Turbo 46mm External Wastegate
- Precision Turbo 50mm Blow Off Valve
- Full Polished Aluminum 3.5" Intake
- K&N 9" Filter
- Full Tig-Welded/Backpurged Manifold Adapter w/ 46mm Wastegate Provision
- Full Tig-Welded/Backpurged Downpipe & Dump Tube
- Full Polished Aluminum Hotside Chargepipe (Turbo to Intercooler) w/ 50mm BOV Provision
- Oil Feed/Return Line
- Coolant Bypass Line

*If you aren't sure what turbo to pick, please email with your end setup goals*

This kit is going to provide the best all around setup for the platform. Boost control and reducing turbine pressure was the biggest focus of the design. Twin scroll kits are awesome for spool but really hurt the top end power due to the small turbine housing and the factory head design. It also makes boost control a little finnicky. In testing we have achieved the same torque at 3500rpm as the NX2 and Twin Scroll GTX kits. This turbo kit doesn't need to fight itself due to high EMAP (turbine pressure) allowing it to spool faster and smoother.

Proven Power (Dynographs in pictures):

- Stock Engine / 5558 / stock Fuel System - 404whp/407wtq (93oct) - 434whp/416wtq (E30) @ 25psi
- TunePlus, Inc "The One" Longblock / 5862 / E85 w/ XDI pump and Injectors  - 563whp/488wtq on 26psi
- Built Engine / 6062 / E50 Fuel w/ Port Injection - 665whp/576wtq @ 38psi


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