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Turbosmart Kompact BOV for 2016+ Focus RS

Turbosmart Kompact BOV for 2016+ Focus RS

$ 197.95

Ships pre-assembled with recommended spring for the 2016+ Ford Focus RS!

This product comes with a boost reference adapter (BRA) to bypass the factory solenoid controls so it works 100% mechanically. This will prevent the rapid release during part throttle. This is our recommended way of installing the BOV. Please use instructions below for the BRA:

Installation for the Focus RS:

  • Remove engine cover
  • Locate EVAP connection on left side of intake manifold just before throttle body
  • Remove WHITE locking clip by pushing it back
  • Disconnect the hose by pushing the clip down with your thumb 
  • Remove hose from intake manifold
  • Using heat, heat up the other end of the hose from where you disconnected and remove the plastic hose completely from the factory one-way check valve
  • Replace this hose with the supplied hose in the kit, you will connect it to the BRA using the supplied fittings. 
  • Assemble the BRA with two supplied barbed fittings. One will go to the checkvalve you removed the plastic hose from above, and the other barbed fitting will be your new source for the BOV. You can plug the remaining port.
  • Snap BRA onto the port on the intake manifold and install retaining clip
  • Zip Tie/Clamp all hose connections and you are finished
The Kompact Shortie Blow-Off Valve for the Focus RS has been developed with the Focus's high boost pressure in mind, with the goal to improve performance and durability. Plastic OEM blow-off valves like those on the RS have a track record of failures - they leak, and they become brittle with age until they eventually crack, causing serious problems. Producing around 23 PSI of boost pressure in standard form, the Focus is already pushing the boundaries of its standard plastic blow-off valve - and there's not much room to turn the boost up before the standard valve will struggle to keep up.

Turbosmart's Kompact Shortie is constructed of billet aluminium, rather than plastic. Its brass piston is both strong and light, and each BOV is individually matched with the right piston to ensure the best fit, meaning there's no need for an O-ring to seal the body against the piston. This gives the Shortie unsurpassed durability and responsiveness, with less maintenance required than aftermarket BOVs that use piston sealing O-rings.

The Kompact Shortie for the Focus RS can be had in both Dual Port and Plumb Back versions. The Plumb Back is a fully recirculating blow-off valve that offers a similar sound volume to the standard valve, so you can have all the performance of a Turbosmart blow-off valve, while flying under the radar. The Dual Port features a split operation between recirculating and venting to atmosphere, providing quiet operation at low boost, and head-turning vent-to-atmosphere sound at high boost - a great complement to the Focus's rally fighter character. The Kompact Shortie for the Focus RS features enlarged ports compared to previous Shorties, giving the RS the flow it needs.

These direct replacement blow-off valves offer an easy performance improvement without the need for custom fabrication or special tools. It's yet another addition to Turbosmart's ever expanding range of parts for Ford's latest EcoBoost range of vehicles.



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