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UPR Dual Valve Catch Can (2015+ Ecoboost Mustang "SMOKE FIX")

UPR Dual Valve Catch Can (2015+ Ecoboost Mustang "SMOKE FIX")

$ 289.99

We also recommend upgrading the included checkvalve if you have a tune. If you are on factory tune or have boost levels below 22psi, the included checkvalve will work just fine. If you are over 22psi or running one of our tunes, please add the upgraded checkvalve found here!

The UPR Dual valve catch can is the easiest and most complete catch can on the market. As most of our customers know we don't endorse or offer a product we don't use ourselves. 

For customers with the dreaded smoking issue with an upgraded downpipe or even catback exhaust, this is the catch can system you are looking for. This kit does not require the need for an additional check valve as it is already incorporated in the kit between the intake manifold and the catch can, but make note above if you are running above 22psi.

The can is only available in black, silver and satin have been discontinued. 

Select the drop down for intake connection that matches your intake. If your intake isn't listed then you will need to measure your intake tube at the connection to the turbo.

If you have a Radium Baffle Plate installed on your vehicle, you will need to select "YES" in the drop down. This will change the configuration of the catch can lines so you can have a direct connection to the Radium's checkvalve/PCV. 

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