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UPR Dual Valve Catch Can (DVCC) for 2017+ Ford F-150 Raptor

UPR Dual Valve Catch Can (DVCC) for 2017+ Ford F-150 Raptor

$ 399.99

TunePlus Notes:

  • Year is required of your vehicle for the clean side catch can only. 2017-2019 Raptor DIRTY Side (Most Common) catch can are all the same. When you add the option of a Clean Side Catch Can (SEPERATOR) (recommended for people that drive aggressively and spend a lot of time full throttle) they are specific to the year as they include a pressure sensor. 
  • Clean Side Catch Can is only available in Black, so the option of SATIN SILVER has bene removed



[From manufacturer....}
The Ultimate Oil Separator for your 2017 to present Ford F150 or Raptor 3.5 Ecoboost Truck. The UPR Plug N Play™ Dual Valve Catch Can with UPR Pro-Series Check Valves one way electronic pressure sensor system. You can be sure that no other manufacturer can give you the level of quality and performance that UPR Plug N Play™ Dual Valve Catch Can with UPR Pro-Series Check Valves consistently deliver. Offering the largest capacity in a compact design to be sure that it will eliminate oil vapors on vehicles that are normally aspirated or power added equipped.

This system is designed to require less maintenance between oil changes and eliminate the amount of moisture that's collected from controlling condensation better by being mounted in the engine bay. Our Patented Multi-Stage Multi-Chamber internal design is the best for controlling oil vapor and mist even in the hottest mounting locations.

In turn, our new design was developed to work the best in the engine bay without any second guessing of its true performance capabilities. Does require drilling of your factory inlet for the WOT connection.

Most importantly this system keeps your PCV system performing with the level of protection and performance it deserves by not filling the intake and CAC / Inter-cooler full of oil like the factory designed system does.

Manufactured from Domestic T-6 6061 Aluminum bar stock and finished off using only the best Diamond cutters to exceed your expectations of what a superior product should fit and look like.

UPR is the largest aftermarket catch can manufacturer in the country. Continually improving our designs to stay ahead of the competition and give you the cutting edge technology of tomorrow today. We are so confident we offer an unconditional warranty on our products to let you know you can always count on UPRproducts.

  • 12oz Can measures 6" x 3
  • Nickel T fittings & Drain Cock
  • Prevents Oil from Entering Intake
  • Patented Multi-Chamber Design Traps Oil
  • High Quality CNC Machined Billet Aluminum
  • Plug N Play ™ fittings all the way around Catch Can
  • Improves Fuel Economy, Throttle Response & Performance
  • 5/8" Oil Resistant Continental Braided Hose included
  • Available in Satin or Black - Select Finish Above



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