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UPR Single Valve Catch Can for 2016+ Ford Focus RS

UPR Single Valve Catch Can for 2016+ Ford Focus RS

$ 219.99

TUNE+ is a huge proponent of catch can systems especially on new direct injection engines. UPR's catch can is a huge seller for TUNE+ for the Ecoboost Mustang as it gets the job done and the price point is competitive compared to other cans on the market with less features. The UPR unit for the Focus RS is no different, it performs, is affordable, and looks great. 

Having worked on our fair share of 2.3L Ecoboost vehicles we know the importance of keeping oil out of the intake to prevent diluting the fuel with crankcase vented oil vapors. This catch can will prevent the oil coming out of the crank case breather baffle were the PCV is located and entering the intake manifold. 

We have added the option to add the UPR Crankcase Breather as well. Please select above if you would like it included in your shipment.  

This does require you to remove your intake manifold, which is a fairly easy task. It sounds daunting but you will be extremely surprised it is. Below is a link on installation of this UPR catch can for the 2016+ Ford Focus RS. 

Catch Can Installation Instructions

Definitely a must have if you plan on making the most power with your vehicle for track days. Even 100% stock vehicles can benefit from this system as it prevents additional build up on the intake valves which is a well known problem of Direct Injection vehicles. 

Variant Explanation: For stock vehicles the check valve included in the kit will suffice as it can hold 22psi and under. However tuned vehicles will see 22psi+ of boost and will overpower the included check valve. The check valve prevents boost from entering the catch can and pressurizing the crank case as the factory PCV is also weak. If your vehicle is tuned, or you plan on tuning your vehicle you must select the "Tuned 22psi+" option. Upgraded checkvalve in the available picture selection!

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