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Verus Rear Diffuser for 2016+ Ford Focus RS

Verus Rear Diffuser for 2016+ Ford Focus RS

$ 579.95

Decrease lift and drag on your mk3 Focus RS with a simple bolt on diffuser. By using CFD to aid in the design stage, we were able to extract more performance out of our design as well as prove the unit will function in the real world. The unit can translate a full inch vertically to fit various exhausts and tip diameters.

Exclusive Benefits:

  • Reduce Lift
  • Reduce drag
  • CFD Optimized design
  • Reduce lap times
  • Increase gas mileage



  • Powder Coated Matte Black
  • Organic Shape
  • Flat head riveted strakes (No rivet heads visible, flat bottom)
  • Simple Bolt on installation
  • Constructed from 0.063 5052 aluminum
  • Stainless hardware used throughout


Install and Data:

Installation Manual


Informative Packet




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