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*Exclusive* TunePlus, Inc / Velossa Tech "Wang Dango!" Dual Inlet Kit for 2016+ Ford Focus RS

*Exclusive* TunePlus, Inc / Velossa Tech "Wang Dango!" Dual Inlet Kit for 2016+ Ford Focus RS

$ 359.99

*Exclusive product collaboration with Velossa Tech Design, only available through TunePlus, Inc!*

These are printed/built to order and will take 2-3 weeks to ship. 



The TunePlus, Inc / Velossa Tech Wang Dango! Dual Inlet kit is a first to the market. Building off the extremely popular Velossa Tech Big Mouth Inlet design, we wanted something with a little more symmetry to make the Focus RS front end look even more aggressive. 

Both inlets are functional! The driver's side inlet is connected directly to the factory intake inlet duct that feeds air to the airbox/intake. The passenger side inlet has been designed to direct air across the front of the radiator. In factory form the air flowing through the front upper grill is not concentrated and can flow around the radiator. 

Aesthetically the inlets follow the curvature of the front bumper and flow, no pun intended, with the vertical body lines in the flat black center "beam" across the front bumper. In our opinion this changes the front end to be so much more aggressive and with so many color options available for the trim insert, you can be very creative with the look of your Focus RS!

  • Inlet Trim Color Option - This is the actual trim on the front of the inlet. In the first picture above it will be the red on the inlets. 
  • Colors available are the last image above. 

*Extra trim inserts can be ordered if you want to have multiple trim color sets to change at your pleasure, please email after you place your order. Trim inserts are $50.00 for a pair, and they just snap in and out of the inlet.

Installation Notes:

  • Requires removal of the front bumper. This is the biggest part of the install, and should only take you 20 minutes. Make sure to remove the headlights!
  • Upper grill mesh needs to be removed or you can trim it to fit with the inlets installed. This is up to the customer. 
  • These are mounted using push clips in existing holes in the bumper. Simply pop out the clips holding the factory wire harness to the bumper, and install the inlet in these holes. The OEM clips will snap into the previsions on the Wang Dango! for an OEM fit and finish.
  • Because of the complexity of the inlets, if you need to adjust at all to line up to your front bumper you can use standard washers under the push clips to shim to your desired position. 
  • The supplied coupler simply pushes on between the inlet and the duct connection. NO HOSE CLAMPS ARE TO BE USED!
  • For the duct connection on the factory subframe use the supplied bolts. DO NOT OVERTORQUE. They just need to be snug to hold the duct in place. Overtorquing can cause the inlet to crack. 


These are printed/built to order. Expect 2-3 weeks to ship. 


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