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TunePlus, Inc Upgraded Wastegate Actuator

TunePlus, Inc Upgraded Wastegate Actuator

$ 157.45

*Please note that our actuator requires a custom tune. This cannot be used with any off the shelf tunes or with any other completed tunes from another tuner. You MUST request a custom tune from your tuner if you plan on purchasing and installing this wastegate. 

The TunePlus, Inc upgraded wastegate actuator is one of the most popular upgrades recommend by our customers, after a tune and intercooler. The benefits are far greater than what you would get from any other bolt on upgrade that follows it. This actuator is manufactured by Turbosmart Australia exclusively for TunePlus, Inc, using our proprietary spring system and a few other small design tweaks. The standard off the shelf Turbosmart actuator is a great upgrade, but needs a few changes to allow it to produce the below outlined benefits I was looking for.

- Consistent, and more predictable boost

- Can cure part throttle boost surging

- Prevents boost spike during post-shift recovery

- Increases high rpm boost levels by 1-3psi *

- Flatter torque curve

- Horsepower gains after peak power (some vehicles will see a peak power increase as well)

*Varies car to car. This will require a small adjustment to the tune. If you are a TunePlus, Inc E-Tune customer simply submit a tune update request (Click the tuning drop down on the top of our site) before install.


  • Fiesta ST Stock Turbo - 3mm
  • Fiesta ST Hybrid Turbo - 4mm
  • Mustang/Focus RS Stock Turbo - 5mm
  • Mustang/Focus RS NX2 Turbo - 6-7mm
  • Focus ST Stock and Hybrid Turbos - 3mm
  • Borg Warner Turbos - 5mm

If you have any questions about this product, please contact me via email:

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